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  • A Thank You!

    My Wordpress Theme

    I’ve been taking advantage of free blogs for a while. I started a travelog Mac blog when I went to New Zealand and Cancun Mexico both in 2008. Apple has since defuncted the iWeb option and I lost what I… Read More ›

  • 2013: The Year of the Ferment

    Gifts for the holidays...

    I’ve decided to subtitle 2013 The Year of the Ferment. This makes sense to me as my current drill down into diet, food, aging, brain function and overall health has led me to place fermented foods at the top of… Read More ›

  • Journal – 12 Dec 2012

    PW Journal

    Hey… it’s 12.12.12! Anyway, I’ve decided to create a new category of posts just for journaling. This is going to be a train-of-thought type of read that hopefully some of you will find instructive. I’ve been reading a whole stack… Read More ›