Meditation Classes Start Oct 11th!

PW MeditationI am excited to be offering Meditation classes at Montana Om Studio in Polson, starting Tuesday, October 11th, from 6:30-7:45pm.

Meditation is a popular subject these days. If we haven’t thought about it before, we may be hearing about it from our friends, medical providers, or at the grocery store.

There are many methods of practicing meditation — so many that the possibility for confusion abounds. So let’s take a breath (this can be a meditation in itself), and start from the very beginning.

Things to Consider Before Starting Meditation
Pick a Good Time for You
Anytime is a good time for meditation, but there are certain advantages to meditating in the early morning. Why? Because this is a time when all energies are low, inside and out. Phones are not yet ringing, birds not yet chirping, etc. Our own inner being has just arisen from a night’s rest, and our mind does not yet have to tend to a million different thoughts.

Choose A Quiet Spot
It’s best at the beginning of a meditation practice, to choose a place where you can be quiet, where there is a minimum of distractions. You can set your space to your own liking, and change it to accommodate your needs as you progress.

Some Helpful Tools
There is no advantage to keeping your body in a position that takes your focus away from your meditation. Most Americans are not adept at sitting on the floor, this position can become challenging. You can sit in a chair, use cushions, blocks, blankets, or other props. There are plenty of yoga supply vendors, both local, and online. The one caveat is: keep your spine straight! Your spine may be straight while lying down, but we are also more inclined to go to sleep in that position.

About Our 6-Week Meditation Series
The 6-week Meditation Series will start at the beginning, with topics including those above.

In 2004 I began a meditation practice commitment of 2 1/2 hours daily, continuing that method for 25 years. I will share my experience, and the tools I used in the beginning, and as I moved along. It was an incredible journey – one I’m looking forward to sharing. Today, my meditation practice is different than it was in those early years, but the point is — it continues!

I always include live music in all of my classes.

Please Join Me!
Tomorrow night, Tues, Oct 11, 6:30-7:45pm (and every Tues evening)
Location: Montana Om Studio, 51045 Hwy 93, Polson
Cost: $60 for the Series / $12 for a single class

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