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What Is Bio-Touch?

I am a Bio-Touch Practitioner, now going through the course to become Certified. I don’t recall how I came to know about Bio-Touch, but I do remember why I decided to become a practitioner, and then to become certified so… Read More ›


Heads Up! Inclined Bed Therapy

I’ve been subscribed to Nexus Magazine for a long time. The articles and information are always interesting, and much of the time, very useful and helpful. It’s byline is: “The world’s No. 1 magazine for alternative news, health, future science,… Read More ›


No Forced Vaccination – NVIC

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is displaying a message in Times Square. The organization is providing us with more information about the issues surrounding vaccination – not just for our children, but for all of us. From the article:… Read More ›