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Yoga & Music in January!

Hey! It’s 2015! New opportunities abound – energies are high. We can do it! Too much enthusiasm? I don’t think so… Everyday is a new opportunity to do things we’ve been wanting to do, or cook up new stuff to play… Read More ›


Kirtan in Kalispell Montana

Is the practice of Kirtan a ‘movement?’ What constitutes a movement? Maybe it’s like when you are looking at buying a new car, suddenly you start seeing that type of car all over the roads. Or, I’m drinking green smoothies,… Read More ›


Kirtan in Missoula

I will be attending the Kirtan with Leraine Hortsmanshoff on Friday evening in Missoula as well as the Workshop with her on Saturday afternoon. Here is some information about the event: The kirtan with Leraine Horstmanshoff is this Friday! You… Read More ›