Community Conversations: How Do You Feel When You Read an E-Book?

PW Community Conversations

This is the first of the PW Community Conversations series. Hopefully the questions posed will pique your interest and compel you to place keyboard under hand and write away.

Since I downloaded my first e-book not too long ago I’ve been processing that experience. Several questions have come to mind, and the question of this Conversation for you is:

How do you FEEL when you read an e-book?

Aside from content (which is not part of this query) – some things to consider would be how you feel:

– physically (in your head, your hands, your eyes, other body parts)
– brain function (flow; is it smooth, choppy, does any part of your e-book experience create a ‘hitch in your get-along’)
– format (print vs. e-book; the format of the e-book itself, like font (re-sized or not), navigation tools)

Are there other questions? Quite possibly. So let us know what they are.

Write your response as a comment to this post.


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  1. DBW’s (Digital Book World) newsletter post today is titled “Why Some People Hate Ebooks” (sub-title: And Why I Love Them.) Link: What do you think?

  2. E-books would be great for me if I traveled more. Since I drive more than I sit and read, I usually prefer books on cd. I did read 2 books on my Ipad, then I discovered Audible books, audio books that I could download on my Ipad. Iā€™m a hopeless listener!

  3. I love reading on my Kindle.Now, When I read an actual book I try and push buttons to turn the page. LOL.
    The KIndle is so much easier to read while your in bed as well.

  4. I read both. Love the convenience of e books for travel, cost immediacy. But sometimes get an almost craving for the printed page feel – texture.

  5. I am so glad to have my kindle, because otherwise I can’t read regular type. However, I think it might be on the largest print setting now. At the moment it is really nice when I read in bed.

  6. I enjoy using my IPad to read books. I really haven’t felt a difference between reading a regular book and my IPad in terms of flow or feel. I prefer the IPad because of the quick access to books, and also the back light so I can read without worrying about having a light on.
    I feel that being able to read or listen to books no matter what format is used can only bring joy and happiness for all. šŸ™‚

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