Dying Then Living – Anita Moorjani’s Story

Love Yourself!Three years ago my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is happy and healthy today. We are slowly being able to breathe a bit easier on the subject. I helped her through the process and learned much about myself, my relationship with my inner self, and the world around me. This is just my part. I know she learned much of the same personally. I see it reflected in how she is today.

I received the new issue of Well Being Journal not too long ago. I scanned the cover—all articles and info about cancer. I leafed through it, reading the article titled “Essiac vs. Chemo” first. One of my tasks these days is working with a friend and expert on the subject of Essiac Tea. Amazing stuff!

Yesterday I almost shelved that WBJournal, but didn’t, and came across Anita Moorjani’s article “Healing Cancer by Dying Then Living.”

Anita Moorjani and her book, “Dying to Be Me” was an instrumental part of a shift in my family’s attitude toward the process of cancer. I remember when I was first told about the book. It was in the deli kitchen of my girls’ Mountain Valley Foods store in Kalispell. I don’t remember what I was saying, but the women there were offering me their love and support—and they mentioned Moorjani’s book as something that might be of interest, and helpful. I didn’t know where I would get a copy until I remembered this instant technology world we live in. I went home and purchased a Kindle edition, and began reading.

Moorjani’s story was amazing, not just because of the fact that she was literally on death’s door, went through a near-death experience, and lived to tell the story. It was what she learned from that process, and the way she conveyed it through her words.

She says:

…I have no idea how my life would have turned out had I known from the beginning how loved and valued and magnificent I truly am. Perhaps it took going through all that bullying and pain and fear for me to be able to bring the many positive things I now enjoy into my awareness. I do believe that everything that happens to us in this life is ultimately for our benefit and that we can see the truth of our reality only through contrasts— so perhaps pain and fear and suffering are necessary to comprehend and appreciate what love, acceptance, beauty, and joy actually feel like.

I read Moorjani’s book, and gently passed it on to my daughter, who read it, I don’t know how much, but enough it seemed, for her to begin to remember her own love, beauty, and worth in this world. It was really all about love.

I’ve heard it said many times that such a death-defying experience as cancer often brings the experiencer and their support people an enhanced sense of themselves, increased love and acceptance. This, I believe, was certainly true for us.

And we are thankful every day!! For the pleasure of each other’s company, and the wonder of life. I’m staying in that place, and moving forward from there.



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