Have You Heard of Fullerene?

An e-mail recently came to me from the Dancing with Water folks. I purchased their book a while back and read about full spectrum, living water. Not new to me. In the mid-80s we installed a twisted pipe in the water line under our kitchen sink – to simulate a more natural path of travel for water, and enliven it after sitting in pipes or the places it had been before exiting the tap.

Dancing With Water’s e-mail contained information and an offer to buy shungite spheres and noble (a more pure form of shungite) chunks of the stuff. Shungite is “… a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent of carbon. It was first described from a deposit near Shun’ga village, in Karelia, Russia, from where it gets its name. Shungite has been reported to contain fullerenes.” (See Wikipedia)

Fullerenes are also mentioned in an article in the December/January issue of Nexus magazine titled “The Science and Promise of Fullerene Water.” I looked the article up and clicked the button in the e-mail to make my first purchase of shungite/fullerene.

Fullerenes and a Soccer BallI am not much of a scientist and I don’t recall chemistry being my strong suit but I read the Nexus article with great interest. The beginning of the article talks about mitigation of alcohol poisoning, and hangovers – might be good to know with New Year’s coming up. And this is something I could easily test. It talked about fullerene’s ability to protect from the effects of ionising radiation – think Fukushima and the possibilities there.

I experienced an uplift in heart when the article discussed the structure itself. I learned that fullerene is a carbon allotrope meaning that it exists in different forms, and that it is 100 times stronger than either diamond or graphite. It talked about C60, containing 60 carbon atoms; the only molecular form of carbon. The image above depicts a water molecule captured in C60 fullerene. Fullerenes come about under diverse circumstances, i.e., in dramatically high energy situations – where lightning strikes, and close to volcano craters. But they also form when gas burns in our gas stoves, or in the flame of a regular lighter.

But here’s the deal:

If you look inside the fullerene, you’ll find only an emptiness pierced by electromagnetic fields containing “nothing”, a “vacuum bubble” enclosed in a carbon shell. This does not fit the well-known thesis that nature does not tolerate a vacuum. Vacuum and matter are two pillars of the universe that harmoniously unite in one molecule.

As Matrix Energetics just re-iterated to me – there is infinite potential in “nothing.” The zero point is the place where all things are possible. I’m not sure how that plays with fullerene, and I can’t even think of the possibilities. The idea does make a difference though as I drink my fullerene water.

Some of the health benefits of fullerenes include: they are the most powerful and long-acting antioxidants known (they have 1,000 times the effect of vitamin E or beta carotene.) They filter and restructure water in the body. They normalize cellular metabolism, increase enzyme activity, and strengthen the stability of cells. All body processes have the opportunity to work better in the presence of fullerenes.

There is more, but I urge you to do some reading about these very interesting, and health-enhancing structures of nature.

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