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Harmonium in KirtanIs the practice of Kirtan a ‘movement?’ What constitutes a movement? Maybe it’s like when you are looking at buying a new car, suddenly you start seeing that type of car all over the roads. Or, I’m drinking green smoothies, so everyone must be doing that right? Maybe not! But certainly Kirtan is becoming more popular here in the West, and that’s wherein lies the movement.

India has a long, thousands of years, history of kirtan practice in various forms. In November of  1988 and 1989 I traveled to Bombay and had the privilege of sitting under shamiana’s amidst a group of somewhere around 800,000 others while the Pathi sang shabds – songs of devotion. This was my vision of kirtan although most of the time it was not the common kirtan call-and-response format.

Now I get to sing shabds in Kirtan! I am learning more every day what it means to practice Kirtan; what Bhakti Yoga is. The learning is achieved through effort, and the effort never ends.

We invite you to join us at:

Jane Adams’ Yoga Studio
1995 3rd Ave East
Kalispell, Montana
Sunday, November 10, 2013 ~ 4-5:30p
(No charge)

View the flyer [PDF]


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