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Ronan School Serves Local FoodI grew up in a small town a long, long time ago when homemade food in school lunches was pretty much normal. Cooks Lizzie and Wilma served us recipes they whipped up in the kitchen wafting waves of good smells through the halls.

An article in the Lake County Leader titled “Ronan Schools Serve Up Local Cuisine” reminded me of those earlier days and sent up a YAY for the efforts of the folks who have put this together for the children – and a yay for the kids.

By Jessica Stugelmayer

RONAN — Homemade whole-wheat buns, Montana ground beef and locally grown carrots and apples are items you would find on a high-priced menu, but in honor of Farm to School month local food was the highlight of lunch trays Monday in the Ronan cafeteria.
“Local and scratch-made food is better for the kids,” Marsha Wartick said.

It’s hard to get kids to eat their vegetables and Wartick is on the front line of the battle. As the food service supervisor for the Ronan School District, she struggles to get students healthy, nutritious food they will eat.

Wartick said she began incorporating whole grains, fruits and vegetables long before there were requirements to do so. While most of it has been an experiment she said, she has found some items student really like, such as a salsa with corn and black beans.

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