Matrix Energetics, Quantum Physics, and Our Trip to Seattle

Matrix EnergeticsTomorrow my daughter, Lorien, and I travel to Seattle for a Matrix Energetics Fundamentals and Field Trip workshop. I first heard of Matrix during one of my yoga teacher training sessions. It was only a brief mention, but the concept caught my attention. My basic understanding of quantum physics wasn’t new – it was the talk of the application of it that I had not heard of before, and was particularly intrigued with.

During my time as operations manager at Solari, working with Catherine Austin Fitts, Catherine interviewed Lynne McTaggart. I got to hear Lynne talk about “the field”, and her book: The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. During that interview, Lynne said:

“Of all the books I have done, these last three have been hard books to write because it is trying to not only interpret, but trying to synthesize all of this work and to basically say, “Well, what does this really mean about who we are and also how we’re supposed to live?” And that was the real interest I had ultimately. The Field made me question how we live today because we live according to a couple of basic assumptions that have come to us via science, and they are (a) the fact that we are all individuals, and we’ve really got that ever since the days of Isaac Newton.

That we are individuals in a very well-behaved universe, and that we operate as individual things according to fixed laws in time and space. And the other assumption is that life is essentially a race to the finish line. It’s a competitive world out there, and it’s survival of the fittest. And there isn’t enough out there, so we all have to compete to survive. So those things have really formed essentially our underlying belief system, and from there we’ve constructed our world.

And after I finished The Field, I realized, “My goodness, we have to rethink everything. We’ve got to build again essentially from scorched ground, you know – blow up our societal creations essentially and start over because we’re very different from what we’ve been told.” And that really means we have to live in a very different way. And of course, we’re seeing this now. We’re seeing the breakdown of all of our societal structures.”

There is much to think about in this. But, don’t think too hard…

Before encountering Lynne McTaggart, I had heard of the “double-split experiment.” Read about it in-depth at Wikipedia. The bottomline of the experiment, and what researchers found, is that “Our consciousness (observer/measurement) can fundamentally influence the nature of reality.” (Kieslich & Ighisan, Transformation in the Matrix)

Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson, through Matrix Energetics, have brought quantum physics into the very real world. Their workshops give attendees a tangible experience of quantum physics, and in a short period of time, enable them to apply quantum physics process to themselves and to others.

Quantum understanding and practice is what I would call a very real “game changer.”  Like Lynne McTaggart says – we’ve got to (or we get to) “…rethink everything. We’ve got to build again essentially from scorched ground.”

This presents all sorts of exciting possibilities!

I will keep you posted during the workshop.

~ Anais

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