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We’re finally moving! We’ve been trying to sell our house for some time. Been through market ups and downs. The economy in our area seems to be improving, real estate, including foreclosures and houses like ours (not in foreclosure but built high and now for sale) are finally, slowly, and surely, moving.

The wait has been good. Although there were times of frustration over the past three years – a retrospective view reveals waiting’s benefits.

We’re building a new house near where we live now, but closer to beautiful Flathead Lake and the Mission Mountains. The view is spectacular. We’ve been jockeying with house plans for two of the past three years. How we began the process and what we came up with initially, compared to where we are now is interesting and very cool. At the start, I couldn’t have guessed how the process would unfold, or how it would finally settle in. And it’s a bit of a moving target.

Phil's "Rocky Mountain Front"We’re working with Phil Korrell. He’s a delightful combination of retired architect, and accomplished artist. The image on the left is of one of his pieces titled “Rocky Mountain Front.” Phil drafts by hand – no AutoCad for him, and his plans are beautiful! I learned to draft by hand in high school and I love the technical drawing aspect of it. The skill has served me in several areas, most notably in legal presentation, which I did for some time.

Several current events have prompted us to down-size our floor plan. And because these things tend to happen fast when they do – a 3-year wait, plan, plan, one day, viola! it all transpires, house sells, stars are aligned, and ducks need to be in a row, time for building is NOW! winter’s coming on… and those plans – they have to be done – decisions have to be decided… Whew.

In all this, everything – I mean EVERYTHING – is better than when we started out. Smaller floor plan, advances in green building, including solar, ground source, insulation, etc., etc. This is a perspective we realize. We all can adopt any perspective about anything that happens to us at any time, either way, up or down. Up feels good.

Everything’s working out! We’re glad it’s happening. I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Here’s a picture of our easy-going architect… looks to me like reflection of a good attitude for life.



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