My Own Story of Transformation

On Tuesday, May 9th, I start a new series titled “Transformation Through Yoga and Meditation.” We are all in a continual state of transformation. Yoga and meditation help us become more aware of this, and help nudge us forward toward a deeper understanding of who we are and what we really desire for our life.

It was 13 years ago on May 1st, that I had the experience that so thoroughly transformed my life. A near-death situation is a bit of a rough way to go, but I didn’t plan on it! Since then I’ve had time to digest what happened and embrace its impact. In the beginning, I was enveloped in the myriad of changes I went through. I was called on to respond in spite of a pervasive feeling of non-attachment. I had to eat to keep my body going, I had to communicate with family so they would know, at least, that I was okay, although dramatically changed – I had to keep up with life. I did, and here I am, doing what I can to teach about transformation using the tools of yoga and meditation.

Who Am IThe book “Mastering the Self” – a compilation of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas (posture sets) and Meditations says that the place to start is with the question: “Who am I?”

There is one question we must all ask ourselves. And that one question is the most important question we will ever ask, because the answer will determine the quality and direction of our life. It will determine whether our life is filled with happiness or sadness, prosperity or poverty, courage or cowardice. Whether we face life’s challenges head-on or avoid them in fear; experience fulfillment or frustration; struggle through life with dis-ease or flow through life in health and harmony is largely determined by our answer to this one simple question: Who am I? The answer to that question will determine whether we get caught up—and ground up—by the wheel of Karma, or break free and soar on the wings of Destiny. Although it’s a very simple question, the answer is so profound that it will determine the very nature of the Universe and our relationship to it. It will create the reality of our life.

In the upcoming 4-week Yoga and Meditation Series we will practice to become aware of the answer to that question. Because, in truth, we do already know. There is the process of uncovering, like the analogy of the layers of an onion being peeled back.

So, what does your transformation look like?

Think about it, and join me!

~ Anais

Transformation Through Yoga & Meditation


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