New 4-Week Series: Transformation Through Yoga & Meditation

Springtime!It’s really spring now. The time change is generally one of the first signs — then we start noticing, hey, it’s LIGHT when I wake up in the morning! Time to get up and get going…

Spring is a great time to make use of naturally occurring uplifting, growing energies, as well as more light. Do you feel more energetic in springtime? I certainly do. And I also have a tendency to make all sorts of personal-type resolutions like, more exercise, better diet, increased focus on yoga and meditation practice.

My 4-week Series: Transformation Through Yoga and Meditation will take you through the process of learning and practicing the tools of yoga and meditation. We’ll explore our own personal relationship to Awareness through heart- and soul-based meditations, strength-supporting kriyas, and mantras that help elevate our consciousness and enhance our immune systems.

We’ll begin on Tuesday evening, May 9, and continue weekly through the end of the month.

Include Yoga and Meditation in your Springtime Resolution.
Join Me!

Dates: May 9 through 30
When: Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:45pm
Location: Montana Om Studio, 51045 Hwy 93, Polson, MT
Cost: $40

Everyone is welcome and no experience is required. Yoga mats and blankets available.

If you have questions, please contact me by e-mail, or phone 406.250.6816.

~ Anais

View the flyer…

Transformation thru YogaMeditation


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