Sadhana Yoga and Kirtan in June

Early Morning Sadhana & Yoga with Live Music-Tuesday, June 10 4:30a-6:30a @ YogaHeart Studio & Yoga & Kirtan-Thursday, June 26 @ Lookout Fitness Studio

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I have two classes scheduled in June! The first will be on Tuesday, June 10th for Early Morning Sadhana with Live music, at YogaHeart Studio in Polson.

Yoga in Lookout Studio

On  Thursday, June 26th I will be at Shannon Nunlist’s Lookout Fitness Studio in Polson which I am very excited about.

Kundalini Yoga classes incorporate postures (asanas), breath (pranayam), mantra, music, and meditation. It’s a wonderful combination of ingredients for, as the flyer says, relaxation, self-healing, and elevation.

Early Morning Sadhana is a special event at a most opportune time. Early morning hours have been called the ‘time of elixir.’ If you think about it, early morning, meaning before the sun rises, is a time when most everything is still and quiet with little movement. While this may not be so all the time, if we will make the space to try it in the time that we have, we will learn to experience what that’s like – the silence – and we will learn to feel how it makes us feel. In our Early Morning Sadhana we time the practice to end just as the sun rises, leaving us ready to move into the movement of our day.

Please join me…

Yoga Heart Studio
314A Main Street
Polson, Montana
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 ~ 4:30-6:30am
No Fee / No experience necessary / Words to chants provided

Lookout Fitness Studio
Shannon Nunlist, PT Offices
51657 US Hwy 93
Polson, Montana
Thursday, June 26, 2014 ~ 5:30-7:30pm

View the flyer

~ Anais

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