Hot Soup on a Cold Day

Hot Soup on a Cold Day
It’s April 29th
… the first official day of Spring this year was March 20. So who cares about calendars anyway? Best not to count on them too much. But it makes you think .

I’ve been cold and on hCG diet, that may mean more than during any other time. Think of it: 500 calories per day, no fat. Anyway, that’s all good. How to accommodate for it is the topic of this post. Time for pro-active measures.

I really like cabbage, under normal (eating) conditions) and now on hCG. It’s weighty, earthy, and actually feels hearty. I’ve been eating it cold, with vinegar, dill weed, Braggs, and more recently, adding nutmeg and garlic for spices. It’s been bumped up on the tasty scale.

This morning, however, with my cold feeling, I decided to throw my 2 cups worth of cabbage into a pot, cover it with water, add a couple squirts of Braggs, a sprinkle of garlic granules, a couple pinches of whole rosemary, and turn it on low to let it simmer for 20 minutes.

My timer just went off. Kitchen smell was wonderful. I tasted my soup… very good! Waiting a bit for lunch. Looking forward to having the soup and hCG eggs when the time comes.

Cabbage Soup for Cold Days
2 c  Shredded or chopped cabbage (red, green or mixed)
2 c  To cover, or more as desired
2 T  Braggs (or to taste)

Spices: Garllic, Rosemary, any others that suit your fancy. Make sure they are PLAIN spices with no additives. Bulk spice from your natural food store is a good choice. You can even get organic ones in many cases.

COOK in appropriate size of saucepan for 20 minutes on simmer.


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