To My Valentine

This is a poem by Yogi Bhajan…

Valentine’s Day is a tranquil day.
Calm, smooth—calm, smooth.
Tranquil and deep flow of spirit.

The soul of love—the link between us
Is the lineage of the human family
And the legacy of divinity.

This bountiful day, bless us to remember
To meet with love, hugs and kisses.
Selflessly, humbly and in the ecstasy of God.
So we can acknowledge each other as wonders of God’s creation.

With mutual respect and love from my being to your being.
From my soul to your soul,
From my prayer to your prayer.

In the oneness of God I say thank you, my love, and God bless you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan
From The Game of Love


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