Vitamin D Study – You Can Volunteer

Dr. Joseph Mercola talks frequently about Vitamin D and its importance to human health and well being. Up until recently the only way to know what our Vitamin D levels are is to have our blood tested drawn by a health D*Actioncare practitioner and sent to a lab for analysis. The D*Action Project by GrassrootsHealth has made the tools available by which an individual can at home safely and effectively draw blood and send it to a lab for testing of Vitamin D levels.

The D*Action Project asks participants to test their blood two times per year during a 5-year period. One hundred percent of the proceeds garnered from the sale of the D*Action Measurement Kits go back to fund the research project.

Here’s a short video from Dr. Mercola:

You can order the Measurement Kits from Mercola’s site here.

I’ve ordered the kit and will keep you updated as I go through the process.

~ Anais

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