What Is Bio-Touch?

PW BioTouchI am a Bio-Touch Practitioner, now going through the course to become Certified.

I don’t recall how I came to know about Bio-Touch, but I do remember why I decided to become a practitioner, and then to become certified so I could teach it. It had to do, in part, with my friend and mentor, Dr. Jim MacKimmie. Dr. Jim was a chiropractor and energy healer. He was the best at applying hands-on treatment for whatever the issue was, physical, emotional, mental.

Bio-Touch reminded me of him and his method. Although I do not consider myself ‘inspired’ as he was, after researching Bio-Touch, I felt it would be a good tool for me to incorporate in my toolbox of helpful resources to offer those in need. It’s simple, uncomplicated, and understandable (works with the body’s innate healing abilities.)

The BT Manual says:

“There is no attempt in the following pages to explain “why” these procedures work. The goal is only to teach an individual “how” to touch certain points which will help facilitate the healing process, rather than to “do” something. With a simple intent to help one’s fellow human beings and proper instruction, assistance may be initiated by any individual.”

I liked this! These days, the internet in particular offers so many options for ‘good things we can do’ for health and well-being – some with lengthy and involved explanations, and convoluted (or expensive) how-to instructions. I liked Bio-Touch for its simplicity and ease of application.

I am offering FREE 20-Minute Bio-Touch Sessions while I am working on my BT Certification. I work out of the Polson Family Chiropractic office at 801 4th Ave East. You can phone me for an appointment at 406.250.6816.

Bio-Touch website: http://justtouch.com
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