Yoga in Sunny July!

Perfectly Well Yoga

Take a YOGA break in July!

I will be at Mission Bay in Polson, at the Women’s Club, and The Fitness Center in Missoula during the month.

Here’s the schedule:

Thursday, July 2, 16, 23 and 30 @ Mission Bay Clubhouse (312 Mission Bay Drive, Polson) – 9 – 10:15am – Cost: $10

Sunday, July 19 @ The Fitness Center (123 W Alder, Missoula) – 6 – 8am – Cost: Donation

Sunday, July 19 @ The Women’s Club (2105 Bow St, Missoula) – 10 – 11:15am – Cost:

BreathwalkI hope to be sharing Breathwalk with you all in July. I’m traveling to Alburquerque on Friday, June 26, for my first session.

Here’s what the BreathWalk website says about it:

“Breathing and walking are two of the most natural things we do. Breathwalk integrates breathing, walking and meditation into specific exercise patterns that create vitality.

In addition to every benefit of aerobic exercise, Breathwalk gives you choice. Choice over mood. Choice over energy level. Choice over mental state.”

That’s pretty cool – I think we all will enjoy it.

Please join me for Yoga in July.

~ Anais


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